12 Ways to Add Variety to Your Blog Posts

I have a blog! ...Now what? Here's a quick guide to the different type of blog posts you can use to share all of the amazing information you have to share.

students around computers

1. Make a List of Your Favorites

Make a favorites list of something to do with your topic. Oprah does it, and you can to!

2. Write a How-To Post

Would your audience like to know HOW you do what you do? If so, share a recipe, pattern, or description and let your readers try their hand at making something you are an expert at making.

3. Share the Books You Are Reading

Or movies, blogs, YouTube channels, or podcasts. Give your audience ideas of where they can learn more about your topic OR things you like and they might like, too.

4. Make a List of the Top Places You'd Like to Visit

Where are the bucket-list places that a fan of your topic would like to visit? Make a list, describe the places, and add pictures. You can even link to the places' websites. This list should make your reader want to hop in the car or on a plane and take the trip!

5. Answer Common Questions About Your Topic

Q&As (questions and answers) about your topic will allow you to educate your audience and allow them to find out what they most want to know about.

6. Share an Ultimate Guide

Create an Ultimate Guide to help your readers know everything they need to know about a specific topic. Here are a few examples.

  • "The Ultimate Guide to House-training Your Puppy"

  • "The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Child's Birthday Party"

  • "The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day on the Slopes"

  • "The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Disneyland"

7. Give Your Opinion on a Hot Topic

Is there something controversial happening around your topic? If so, post about it! Share you opinion and ask your readers to share theirs.

8. Create a Blog Post Round-Up

There are tons of blogs on the web! Find blogs that mesh well with yours and share the list with your readers. It'll give them more information on your topic and may start a new friendship with the owners of the blogs you mention. Maybe they will feature YOU on their blog sometime in the future!

9. Conduct an Interview

Interview someone that does something related to what your blog is about. It could be a business owner, a designer, or an expert in your field. Prepare questions ahead of time. Be sure they're interesting and will keep your reader interested as they read your interview.

10. Ask a Question - Start a Discussion

Ask a thought provoking question and let you audience weigh in. You can give them choice like, "Do you like chocolate or vanilla?" or leave it open ended. "What is your favorite flavor and why?" Ask your readers to comment in the comment section. Be sure to read and reply to the responses.

11. Pick of the Week

Depending on your blog topic, this could be anything from the week's top movie to the best new nail color or bath balm scent. Share your favorites!

12. Try a Vlog Post

Record your post as a vlog! It doesn't have to be perfect or fancy. Your audience will love to see some behind the scenes video of your business or hobby. Be creative and let your audience get a peek behind the screen! :)

Try one of these ideas and post a link to your blog post below. I can't wait to see what you come up with!