Projects to Keep Your Kids Happy & Busy

It’s hard to keep kids busy and happy while practicing social distancing! None of us were prepared to have to entertain our mini-mes for weeks or possibly months on end. And, we definitely don’t want all of their time to be used staring at a screen!

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Here are a few ideas to get your kids off of their phones and engaged in some fun and productive projects.

Got pets? Kids can groom your four-legged friends and get them ready for a photoshoot. Let them give your pooch that bath you’ve been putting off. Your kids can create a set for a photoshoot with fun props (whatever you have around the house!) and take digital photos. Not only will you have a sparkling clean pet, but your kiddos will also have lots of fun and you’ll have the photographs to document the day. If you have a small pet that wouldn’t enjoy a bath, have your kids create or rearrange their habitat.

kid giving a dog a bath

No pets, no problem! Animal shelters need volunteers to make stimulating and fun things for the dogs and cats waiting for a home. Toys, treats, and pet beds are all easy to make and will be very much appreciated by the shelter!

Here are a few ideas with directions!

How To Make a No-Sew Dog Bed.pdf

Animal Enrichment Activities.pdf

Get a jump start on a summer business! As a teacher, one of my favorite topics to teach is entrepreneurship. Kids can create amazing and profitable businesses using things found at home or basics from the grocery store. Kids can create a prototype, figure out their pricing, and begin marketing their product or service all while social distancing. I'd love to help your kiddo create, launch, and grow their business! Classes are forming now. Click reply and let me know you're interested in learning more!

I hope these ideas are fun and exciting for your kids and help keep them occupied and happy. Let me know if you've found another project your kiddos are loving!