Crafting the Perfect Blog Post

You know what you want to say, but how to do put those thoughts into an easily readable, highly enjoyable blog post? Read on to find out how to write an awesome blog post.

Determine your purpose.

Before you start writing, ask yourself these questions to help you get focused on your post.

  • Is my blog post meant to teach something? Or is it meant to tell a story?

  • Why do I care about this?

  • What is the BIG IDEA I want to share?

  • Will others care about this topic?

Once you have clarified your purpose, get ready to write!

Make It Look Amazing

Here are a few tips to keep your blog post looking amazing AND easy to read.

  • Large font – No smaller than 14

  • Keep sentences short and sweet.

  • Have lots of paragraph breaks. Small chunk of text are easier to read.

Add the Perfect Pictures

Be sure to add visual interest to your blog by adding the perfect pictures. Pictures can help your audience really connect to your message and story. It is BEST to use your own pictures when you can. If you need additional images, be sure to use pictures for which you have permission to use.

Video? Oh, You Fancy!

Take your blog to the next level by including video. Your reader will really get a behind the scenes view of your topic when you include video. And, no, you don’t need a fancy camera! Just use your smart phone or tablet to capture the scene.

Hook Your Readers

Grab your readers’ attention by writing an awesome headline and the first couple of sentences. These are so important to not only get your reader interested, but also so your blog post will be easier to find when someone searches for your topic on Google.

Tell YOUR Story

Your readers come to read about your topic and to get to know YOU. Be sure to tell your story. HINT: Why do you care about this topic?

Wrap It Up

Add a short and sweet ending to tie it all up! Write two or three sentences to wrap up your post.


Call your readers’ to action. What do you hope they’ll do after they read your post? Ask them to do it!

You may also want to ask your readers to share your post, join your mailing list, or like your social media page. If you want them to do something, be sure to ask!

Write Long…But Don’t Ramble

Currently, Google’s search engine likes the look of posts that are 1000 words or more. BUT, don’t feel like you must meet that word count on your posts. Give your reader the information they need. Offer details if you can. Then hit PUBLISH!

Keep Your Key Words in Mind

As you are writing your post, be sure to use the key words your readers will be searching for in the beginning, middle, and end of your post. That way, Google will be able to find your post more easily. Boom! SEO!

Follow this advice, and your blog post will be amazing, just like you!

Link a blog post you are proud of in the comments. I can’t wait to see your awesome creations!