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Hi, I'm Natalie Hines, your Kidpreneur Coach.

Real kids. Real business. Real life.

Natalie has helped hundreds of kids around the world build and launch their own businesses. She loves seeing how kids can not only come up with creative ideas for businesses but can also launch and run them successfully. 

Natalie won the Olin Davis Award for Exemplary Teaching of Economics and couldn't be prouder of the kidpreneurs in her community.

Are your kids bored?


Do they need to be challenged?

Are they ready to do something real and exciting?


Are they interested in earning their own money?

Your child may be ready to become a KIDPRENEUR!


Kids love the challenge of building and launching their own businesses.


The Kidpreneur Project™ will guide your child through the process in an exciting and engaging way.


They'll learn economic concepts along with invaluable life skills all while having fun.


Your kiddo will be launching their own business before you know it!

Preparing Jams

Mini Kidpreneur

Kids as young as six have successfully launched businesses with the Kidpreneur Project™. This is a great project to work on with a parent.

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This is our original course that has seen hundreds of kids launch businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. Your child will love this empowering experience!

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Is your teen ready to build their own income-earning business? The sky is the limit for your teen!


“I think this is a lesson that will change your child’s life! They will build up confidence and courage by really “do it” and knowing “yes I can do it”! Every kid indeed [can] start to run their own business, which is super amazing. Ms. Natalie is super amazing, and my 9-year-old daughter was super upset that this lesson has been [ended]. Ms. Natalie, thank you so much!!!! Please open the next level lesson!” 

—  Ifan C., Happy Mom